Why Us

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When I was in an initial phase of learning programming. I always confused in picking right programming language for the projects.

Even for the client, for whom I used to work they also don’t know what apps to build, On which platform it should build and how to monetize it.

No doubt, like everyone I also redeem myself through a search on the Internet. But my redemption goes wrong. I hardly find suitable answers for my problems.

But I do not stop, I and 4 of my friends worked on N number of projects and strat learning things. Which help us to make our own theory for picking right tool according to projects so that we can make it more efficient for any business.

And we know many outside there who also suffers from the same problem and finding the solution. Your search stop here at JMDTechi.

The main purpose of JMDTechi is to enhance your skills with the right guidance.

This is how JMDTechi formed.